Lincoln Bands/Singers

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57 Down (Stoner)

501's (The)(Rock)

Adie Sanders (Singer/Songwriter)

After Every Gunshot (Tech/Exp/Metal)

Amici (Acoustic Duo)

Arkiva (Metalcore/Hardcore)

B-Leaguers (PowerPopPunkRock)

Bad Ideas (Punk/Indie/Alt)

Baltic Donkeys (The)(Rock/Pop/Indie)

Bellavoci (Acoustic)

Beyond The Chaos (Rock)

Big Betty Band (The)(Soul/Funk/Blues)

Blindside (Indie/Rock/Pop)

Blind Wives (Alternative)

Blistered (Mod Covers Band)

Bon Joe V (Bon Jovi Tribute)

Borders (Djent/Metalcore/Prog)

Boycott The Baptist (Crust/Punk/Grindcore)

Bruce Tality (Punk/Folk/Blues)

Carpets (Post Punk)

Carry The Crown (Modern Alt Rock)

Chasing Redemption (Pop Punk/Metal)

Chronophage (Melodic Death Metal)

Conspiracy (Function Band)

Conspiracy Rising (Rock)

Cryo-Genics (Punk)

Dave Devlin (Session Guitarist)


Dirty Eddie (Pop Punk)

Ex Kittens (The)(New Wave/Indie Covers)

Faith In Casinos (Rock)

Fedic (Heavy Math/Rock)

Finest hour (The)(Punkish/Folkish)

For All The Wrong Reasons (Pop Punk)

Future Theory (Ambient Rock)

Genie Lamps (Rock Covers)

Goat Suplex Conspiracy (Metal/Hardcore)

Good Effort (Acoustic)

Grassic (Punk)

Hanaford (Rock)

Hazy Afternoon (Acoustic)

Herding Cats (Rock/ Pop/ Funk/ Blues)

Hicksville Bombers (The)(Rock n Roll)

Inflictions (Metal)

Internal Combustion (Rock/Heavy Metal)

Junction 69 (Covers)

Karate Party (Acoustic Rock/Pop Covers)

Lithium (Grunge/Punk)

Little Imp (Alt/Indie/Vintage/Rock & Roll)

Lock Up Laura (Alt Rock)

Luke Todd (Acoustic Folk)

Luna's Call (Prog Death Metal)

Manipulators (?)

Mind Your Head (Pop/Rock Covers)

Misnoma (Indie Rock)

Motown Review (The)(Motown)

Ocean (Rock/Blues)

Ocean Hounds (The)(Alt Rock/Folk)

Pandemic (Alt Rock)(Welbourn)

Phoenician (Stoner/Blues/Funk Rock)

Relentless (Rockabilly)

Revamped (Eclectic Rock & Pop)

Ripkord (IndieRock/Pop)

Riviera (Rock/Alt)

Road Points North (Punk/Folk/Acoustic/Rock)

Rockin' Beats (The)(Sounds of The 60's)

Sam Harrison Music (Various Genre)

Savour The Silence (Metalcore)

Seven Sided Dice (Rock)

Shanarchy (Punk/Folk/Rock/Reggae)

Skylines (Dreamy Indie/Rock)

SmackHandle (Heavy Metal)

Smiths Utd (The) (Tribute)Some Band (Covers)

Spot On (Covers)

Special Rider (Blues)

Spirit Of The Sixties

Starkband (Rock/Indie/Ska/Punk Covers)

Striped Sight (Soul-Punk/Rock/Indie/Pop)

Suburban Toys (Punk/Ska)

Suspicious Pigeons (The)(Indie Rock)

Suzy Fox (Acoustic)

Then Again (Covers)

Three Blokes Blues Band (Blues/Rock)

Throatpuch (Hardcore)

Together We Are Torn (Metalcore/Deathcore)

Two Step (Funk/Indie)

Tyrants (Indie Rock)

Uncensored Youth (Trance Metal)

Underdogs (The)(Pub Rock Band)

Universal Law (Rock/Funk)

Unknown Stuntmen (The)

Visitors (The)(Indie Rock 'n' Roll Covers)

Woodbridge (Rock)