Derby Bands/Singers

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45 (Indie Rock)

Abduction UK (Black Metal)

Abomination Federation (Hillbilly Stoner)

Andro Coulton's ZXY (Heavy Rock)

Andy Paul Gilbert (Meatloaf Tribute)

Barny Rubblz (Indie Rock)

Charlotte Bettson Music (Vocalist)

Dark Doom (Black/Death Metal)

Devastator (Thrash Metal)

Eclectic Mayhem (Rock/Blues/Pop/Country)

Emily White (Singer/Songwriter)

Hannah Fay (Singer/Songwriter)

Heathen Deity (Black Metal)

Herron Brothers (The)(Pop)

Jiji LaVolpe (Acoustic)

Jyezi (Acoustic)

Lester & The Bee (Blues/Rock/Folk/Rock 'n' Roll)

Longmen (The)(Rock/Pop/Blues Originals)

Lords Of Valhalla (The)

Madison Avenue (11 Piece Soul Band)

Manta Ray (Rock/Blues)

Memphis Obituary (Doom 'n' Roll)

Mister E (Acoustic)

Mr.Botanical (Ska/Acoustic Folk)

Mrs Miggins' Pie Shoppe (Covers)

Murder Of Crows (Rock/Punk Covers)

Newton Park (Acoustic Duo)

No Setting Sun (Heavy Rock)

Paul Tabor Music (Singer/Songwriter)

Reverends (The)(Old Skool Punk)

Scott McCall

Silicone Taxis (The)(Soul/Funk/Rock 'n' Roll)

Social Genocide (Metal)

Sods Law (Punk)

Stampede (Sci Fi Rock 'n' Roll)

Sugar Tree (The)(Latin/Funk/Soul/Jazz)

Supersonic Death Monkey (Stoner)

Surfin Llamas (The)(Soul/Funk/Ska/Pop)

Thunderian Summer (Covers/Originals)

Thunderbird 4 (1960's)

Treble Fours (The)(Pop/Indie/Rock)

Two Black Eyes (Rock/Pop Covers)

Village (The)(Retro Pop)

Virtues (Metal/Doom)

We Are The Giant (Acoustic Folk)

Whatdafunk (Funk Fusion)

WonderWhys (The)(Rock/Pop/Funk Covers)